byte retainers

5 Byte Retainer FAQs: What You Need to Know! (Cost?)

A lot of people who choose clear aligners like Byte already had braces years ago, and their teeth shifted back. Seems like generations of orthodontists out there dropped the ball and didn’t stress the importance of wearing a retainer after braces to keep teeth from moving back.

“Any individual who has recently undergone orthodontic treatment to get their teeth straightened needs to wear a retainer.”Dr. John Lewis read more

byte aligners reviews

Byte Aligners Reviews + New Ratings (Do They Work?) • 2021

Straightening your teeth from home is a big decision, so you obviously want to go with the best possible company at a fair price.

So, which clear aligners or invisible braces are best to improve your smile? Byte has earned a top spot in the conversation, and their HyperByte® system vibrates to produce faster results for straighter teeth. (You can even just wear the aligners at night if you don’t want to wear them at school or work!) read more

amanda gorman poem hill climb

Amanda Gorman 2021 Inauguration Poem “The Hill We Climb”

Amanda Gorman’s inauguration poem: At age 22 poet laureate Amanda Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet in history when she read her poem, “The Hill We Climb” at Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, 2021.

During a time of shocking national division, Amanda Gorman provided us with proof that creativity is greater than destruction. and words are more powerful than bullets. read more

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TurboTax Premier Cost in 2021 (Best Price Online!)

If you have investments or own a rental property, then Premier might be the best edition of TurboTax® for your tax situation. So, exactly how much does TurboTax Premier cost, and what discounts are available to get the best price? Here’s what you should know about the price of Premier.

TurboTax Premier: Cost | Premier Live | Discount | Free | Worth It? | Reviews read more

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Lin Manuel-Miranda: 3 Hamilton White House Performances

Did you know that the Hamilton Musical has a strong connection to the Obama White House? In fact, you could say Hamilton as we know it may not have been born if it weren’t for the 2009 White House Poetry Jam when the first song from Hamilton debuted.

Miranda and the cast of Hamilton would be invited back to the White House two more times to perform, and Lin-Manuel would even freestyle with President Obama in the Rose Garden after the 2016 performance. Here’s a history of Hamilton at the White House starting in 2009 and ending with a performance of “One Last Time” in Obama’s final days as President in 2017. read more

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17 TurboTax Commercials: Super Bowl, Free, Live Ads!

TurboTax has run some pretty memorable ad campaigns over the years on TV during tax season. This includes running some pretty funny Superbowl commercials over the last 8 years in a row now.

Well, if you’re going to spend $10 million per minute during the big game, your commercial better be good! (And, if you’re going to use TurboTax, why not use a coupon?) read more

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Zoom Diet Plan? It’s the “NOOM” Weight Loss App (Try Now!)

Covid has affected our lives in countless ways, and in some ways, things will never be the same. One of the biggest shifts has been from in-person to virtual interaction which made Zoom a household name in only a few weeks.

The Heath and wellness industry has had to “evolve or die” during the quarantine, and even the venerable Weight Watchers Meetings have shifted from studios and church basements to virtual workshops. read more