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Wall Street Journal Subscription Discounts: 50% Off WSJ Print or Digital, $1/Week • 2020

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If you are thinking of subscribing to the Wall Street Journal or Barron’s, Black Alliance has access to exclusive subscription deals for up to a 50% savings on WSJ Print delivery and All-Access Digital subscriptions including a $1 for 2 months, $4 per month, $12 for 12 weeks, and $99 subscription discount.

Here are the best WSJ subscription deals and offers now, plus special discounts for students and seniors:

Best WSJ Subscription Deals Now:

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  1. WSJ: $4 Per Month!Digital only. $38.99 $4. Cheapest! – Ends 12/01/20
  2. WSJ: 12 Weeks for $12 (Print or Digital) – Deal through 12/01/20
  3. WSJ: 50% Off (6 or 12 Months)Print or Digital only. Best deal! Ends 12/01/20
  4. WSJ Print: 50% OffWeekend (Saturday delivery) Through 12/01/20
  5. Wall Street Journal Digital: 50% Off (6 or 12 Months) – Nov. 2020

In this era of fake and misleading news, know that The Wall Street Journal has been a source of trusted financial information since 1889. That’s nearly as old as the Dow Jones itself, which was launched only 3 years prior!

What is the Best WSJ Subscription Deal?

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wsj dollar per week deal

There are usually two WSJ subscription promotions running concurrently. So, which deal is best for you? That depends mostly on whether you intend to keep your subscription for longer than about 3-4 months. Consider this:

Short WSJ subscription Deals: If you’d like to try out a WSJ Print or Digital subscription, there is usually a promotion for “12 weeks for $12,” or “$1 for 2 months.” Great price, but the promotional pricing doesn’t last long!

Longer WSJ subscription Deals: If you are likely to keep your subscription going for more than 4 months, then the 50% off promotion is best. Why? Because you can lock-in the promotional pricing for up to 12 months. While you do have to pay more upfront, you can cancel anytime for a prorated refund

What is the cheapest WSJ subscription? The least expensive way to subscribe to WSJ Digital is their “2 Months for $1” promotion (if available). If you also want Print delivery, the cheapest way is their “$12 for 12 weeks” promotion.

However, most of the time I recommend the 50% off promotion because if you keep your subscription for 6+ months, you’ll save significantly more money!

wall street journal 50 deal

Here are other ways to get a great deal on a subscription to the WSJ:

Wall Street Journal Subscription Discount for $99?

The WSJ sometimes promotes an offer for 6 months for $99. That’s a great deal for six months only, but when compared to the 50% off promotion, the $99 discount doesn’t measure up. In fact, over the course of 12 months, the 50% off Print subscription offer will save you an extra $100!

In other words, consider skipping the $99 Wall Street Journal subscription discount!

Wall Street Journal $1 for 2 Months

wsj $1 for 2 months deal

Looking to just dip your toe into the digital world of the Wall Street Journal? Maybe you are unsure of whether you will even continue to subscribe after 2 months? Look for a recurring promotion for 2 months All-Access Digital WSJ for $1.

Enjoy all the features of All-Access Digital including the WSJ app and WSJ.com, just be sure to cancel before the third month starts to avoid being billed.

The $1 for 2 months offer is the best short-term subscription promotion for WSJ Digital, but if you continue to subscribe for 6 months or more, the 50% off promotion is better!

*Note: The $1 for 2 months promotion is not available for WSJ Print delivery.

Cost of a 6-month WSJ Print subscription when you signup with the $1 for 2 months deal: $165

$12 for 12 Weeks Offer:

wsj 12 weeks deal

Another common WSJ offer is 12 weeks for $12. This is another great short-term subscription, and unlike the 2 months for $1 promo, you can add print delivery at that same promotional rate.

Cost of a 6-month WSJ Print subscription when you signup with the $12 for 12 Weeks deal: $135

Not bad, but you’ll save more long-term with the 50% off promotion.

50% off 6 or 12 Months Deal:

If you aren’t afraid of commitment and believe you’ll stick with your WSJ subscription for at least 6 months, then the 50% off deal will save you the most money. Just how much will you save? Compare the cost against the $1 for 2 months and $12 for 12 weeks deals above:

Cost of a 6-month WSJ Print subscription when you signup with the 50% off 6 months deal: $123

The savings become even more dramatic as the months go on, and saves you an extra $20 each month through the 12th month with 50% off 12 months deal!

WSJ Student Discount: (Only $4?!)

Both students and teachers may qualify for a special discounted WSJ subscription. In fact, with the WSJ student discount, you will pay as little as $4 for a WSJ Digital subscription, or $10 per month for a WSJ Print subscription with home delivery!

wsj student discount

To learn more about the Wall Street Journal Student discount click here.

WSJ Senior Discount (Or AARP?)

Currently there is no Wall Street Journal subscription discount specifically for Seniors over age 65. While they do advertise directly to seniors and organizations like AARP, the promotions are the same as their standard featured deals like WSJ subscription discount for $99. If we do see any special promotion for seniors through AARP or other senior organizations, we’ll post it here immediately.

Wall Street Journal 3-Year Subscription Deal? The WSJ subscription deals no longer last up to 3 years. Currently, the longest promotional period to lock-in the 50% discount is 12 months.

Adding WSJ Print Delivery is a Great Deal!

When choosing a WSJ subscription you’ll have the option of adding Print delivery. Delivery is available 5 days a week or Weekends only. Check the price difference against Digital-only, and you’ll see that adding Print delivery is a great deal; usually only costing a few dollars extra per month!

So, to summarize, most of the time the best WSJ subscription deal is the 50% off promotion. The only time when it doesn’t save you the most money is if you only want to subscribe for less than 6 months. We also have a special coupon for STD Check here.

Tip: Wall Street Journal has some great free video content on their YouTube channel!

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