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5 Factor 75 Discount Codes, Coupons ($240+ Off) • 2022

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Factor 75 recently burst onto the scene offering a dietitian-designed menu of healthy and delicious prepared foods delivered to your door. Unlike meal kits, there’s no cooking and no mess. Factor 75 is healthy eating made easy, and it’s been exploding in popularity in the fitness community.

If you are considering trying Factor 75 meals for the first time, use our discount codes and coupons below for the best possible deal when you signup.

Featured offer: Get $120 off 8 meals or a $240 discount on 18 weekly meals!

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Best Factor 75 Coupons, Discount Codes Now:

factor meals promotion 120
factor meals coupon
First 5 Boxes: $120-240 Off!
1. 50% off first box plus 20% on the next 3 boxes, 12% off the 5th box...Show More
1. 50% off first box plus 20% on the next 3 boxes, 12% off the 5th box. Save $120+ on 8 meals or up to $241 with max number of weekly meals! Cancel anytime. Best deal over 5 weeks or for 10+ meals. Apply discount code and view savings: Show Less
factor meals coupon
First Box: 50% Off
2. Up to a $99 discount. Then, get additional savings on your next 4...Show More
2. Up to a $99 discount. Then, get additional savings on your next 4 boxes. View promotion at go.factor75.com: Show Less
factor meals coupon
First 3 Boxes: $90 Off
3. Total of $40 off first box, $30 off second, $20 off 3rd. Best only if...Show More
3. Total of $40 off first box, $30 off second, $20 off 3rd. Best only if you intend to order 3 boxes of 4-8 meals. Get discount code: Show Less
factor meals coupon
8 Meals Per Week: $120 Off
4. Try Factor meals and get a total of $120 off the first 5 boxes. Even bigger discount on...Show More
4. Try Factor meals and get a total of $120 off the first 5 boxes. Even bigger discount on 10+ meals per week. Great way to try Factor meals cheap if you only want one box. Cancel anytime. Get promo code: Show Less
factor meals coupon
Military Discount: 15% Off
5. Verified military members and first responders. Our featured discount...Show More
5. Verified military members and first responders. Our featured discount code is actually better. Click to view at factor75.com Show Less

Not sure which code is best for your order? Try comparing codes at checkout. Here’s how:

How to Use a Factor 75 Discount Code:

Our featured coupon applies a discount code as soon as you click the link, and the details of the promotion will be shown like this:

factor75 best coupon

This promotion includes 50% off your first box, which is a savings of up to $99 with the maximum number of meals!

To enter a discount code, just select a plan and the number of meals you’d like per week. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a box that says, “Do you have a discount code?”

If a code has already been applied, you’ll need to click “Remove” first before entering another code. After doing so, enter your code and compare the savings like this:

enter factor discount code

After a code is applied you’ll see the discount itemized by the order subtotal.

Tip: You can start with more meals the first week to take advantage of the initial 50% discount and then change, pause, or cancel your plan at any time!

How to Get the Best Deal on Factor Meals:

To get the best possible deal when signing up for Factor meals, follow these steps:

  1. For the best savings click our featured promotion to apply a code for $120+ off your first 5 orders
  2. One-time orders of 4 or 6 meals save more with the $40 off first box coupon
  3. Look for special promotions around Cyber Monday and New Year’s
  4. Consider comparing codes at checkout and use the one that yields the better deal!

Tip: Consider ordering more meals with your first order to take advantage of the 50% discount with our featured promotion. You can reduce or change the number of meals in your plan at any time.

More Factor 75 Meals Discounts:

factor 75 hero discount

Our featured discount is usually best, but it’s possible to qualify for one of these special discounts:

  1. Hero Discount: Factor 75 offers a “hero discount” of 15% off to first responders, teachers, and members of the military. However, we currently have a discount code that will save you more on your first 5 orders, so compare discounts for the best deal
  2. Factor 75 Groupon: Sometimes a discount for Factor 75 meals is featured on Groupon. If you find one, you can enter the code here for a discount on meals
  3. Student discount: Colleges offer unique wellness discounts directly from their websites, but require a verified student account. Look for Factor 75 student discount directly from your school
  4. First Responder Discount: Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers can get exclusive wellness discounts after verifying their credentials at sites like id.me. Look for Factor75 under the “wellness” category on the discount page
  5. Military Discount: Active-duty military members and veterans qualify for a number of cash-back offers and discounts at ID.me/military. Register with your military info and rank then check lifestyle/meal delivery for their Factor 75 military discount

Factor 75 Free Shipping?

Sorry, there are no free delivery codes available for Factor meals at this time. Factor charges $9.99 per box for shipping no matter how many meals you buy. So, the shipping cost average per meal is less when you buy more.

factor 75 free shipping

You can look for a free shipping code as part of a Cyber Monday or other very rare promotions, but free delivery is not typically available.

Fun fact: Factor meals are shipped from the Chicago, Illinois area which is home to the Factor 75 headquarters. Did you know that the Chicago River is the only river in the world that flows backward?


factor 75 meal salmon rice

Factor 75 provides delicious, healthy, pre-portioned food directly to your door. If you enjoy cooking, consider another program or meal kit service as Factor 75 is already prepared and all about convenience!

factor 75 coupon 120 chicken

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If you’d like to try Factor75, use our featured discount code for the best price now. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!