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George Foreman Playing Ping Pong! Rumble In The Jungle ’74

George Foreman was probably the most feared heavyweight of his generation combining size, speed, and incredible punching power.

He was also known to play a little table tennis as evident in these amazing vintage photos by Neil Leifer via Getty Images.

Here’s “Big” George Foreman playing ping pong with boxer and trainer Archie Moore at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) Africa before his legendary 1974 Rumble in the Jungle with Muhammad Ali.

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George Foreman Making Ping Pong Look Bad-Ass!

george foreman ping pong 1974
George Foreman ping pong smolder
george foreman ping pong archie moore
Photo Credit: Neil Leifer, Getty Images
george foreman ping pong_retro
George Foreman table tennis backhand
george foreman ping pong
You don’t look this good playing ping pong
archie moore foreman play ping pong
Foreman’s legendary trainer, Archie Moore playing pong
foreman table tennis rumble jungle
George Foreman ping pong action shot!

Did I mention that Big George looks pretty dang cool playing ping pong?

So, was George good at table tennis? Yes, according to him he “could play a good game of ping pong.” Check out his funny reply to this photo on Twitter:

You’re not going to look as good playing ping pong as George Foreman in his prime, so don’t even try! However, we have a few ways to help you be the best “you” including these exclusive deals from Noom and Factor Meals.

Rumble in the Jungle!

Here’s more about Rumble in the Jungle, Foreman’s legendary fight with Ali, which was actually the main reason George Foreman was in Zaire, Africa. (No, ping pong was not the main reason he trained for months and traveled thousands of miles!)

rumble jungle poster ali foreman

There’s an amazing documentary about Rumble in the Jungle called, “When We Were Kings.”

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