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5 Weight Watchers Coupons, 2021 Specials: myWW+ 60% Off!

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WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) has a new holistic, scientific approach to weight loss called MyWW+. It’s a customized program that starts with a new personal assessment to better understand you, and create an action plan for a more personalized weight loss experience.

If you are considering WW, we can help you get the best possible deal when you join. Here are today’s best WW (Weight Watchers) coupons, specials, and offers for the U.S. and Canada including an exclusive membership promotions like 50% off 3 months that they give us to promote. Check them out!

Best WW (Weight Watchers) Joining Specials, Coupons Now:

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weight watchers coupon
Join Free + 1-3 Months Free
2. Save up to $85.85 w/6-month savings plan! New myWW+ (Weight Watchers) Digital, Digital...Show More
2. Save up to $85.85 w/6-month savings plan! New myWW+ (Weight Watchers) Digital, Digital 360, Workshops, 1-on-1 Coaching. View WW special offer and join today! Show Less
weight watchers coupon
WW: Up to 5 Months Free!
3. WIth 3 or 6-month Digital savings. The NEW myWW+ is their most holistic program ever;...Show More
3. WIth 3 or 6-month Digital savings. The NEW myWW+ is their most holistic program ever; DIgital or Workshop. WW is Weight Watchers Reimagined. Join Today! Show Less
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WW Canada: Todays Special
4. WW Canada featured offer w/ optional digital workshops. For French version, click, "FR"...Show More
4. WW Canada featured offer w/ optional digital workshops. For French version, click, "FR" at weightwatchers.ca. View WW Canada special: Show Less

We’re not here to convince you that MyWW+ is the best weight loss program for your needs, but we’re happy to recommend it as one of the highest-rated, economical, and most popular programs to live healthy and lose weight.

Best WW (Weight Watchers) Promo Code or Coupon for Joining?

As a preferred affiliate of WW, (Weight Watchers Reimagined) we often get exclusive signup offers. While the regular on-site specials at weightwatchers.com usually top out at 50% off, our exclusive joining specials can save you up to 55% off WW Digital (formerly “Weight Watchers Online“) and Workshops (formerly “Weight Watchers Meetings”).

If we have an exclusive offer above, just click the link and you’ll come to a page on WeightWatchers.com with that promotion like this:

weight watchers featured special

The specifics of the promotion and the exact savings will be itemized under where it says price breakdown.

Tip: Promotions now instantly apply coupons. There are no longer Weight Watchers promo codes, and there isn’t even a place to enter a code at checkout anymore!

Want to know more specifics, such as when the promotion expires? Just click on the little “i” for information and you’ll get a pop-up window with offer terms like this:

ww offer details

Tip: The best offers are usually 6-months in length, as they lock-in the promotional pricing longest and save you the most money. Not ready to commit that long? I recommend you choose 50% off the 3-month savings plan instead!

Some of the best promotions also waive the $20 starter fee. If we don’t have an exclusive coupon available or the on-site special isn’t grabbing you, consider waiting to join WW (Weight Watchers). Coupons like 6 months for $128 don’t save you significant money. We get new membership offers every week!

WW (Weight Watchers) Canada Deals

If you are Canadian, there are special offers available for WW Canada in both English and French for up to a 50% discount on 3 or 6 months of myWW+. To see today’s featured offer, click here.

Join Weight Watchers Free? (Sort of)

Wile there is no free version of the Weight Watchers program, some coupons or promo codes do waive the $20 starter free. While you will still have to pay a monthly fee for membership, you do join free, which is a great added savings to look for when you signup.

Other Weight Watchers Discounts?

You may find special offers to join Weight Watchers from groups or organizations that you belong to. Here are some other potential ways to get a discount on joining Weight Watchers:

  • AAA discount: AAA is best known for travel discounts, but they may offer members a AAA Weight Watchers discount. After logging in at aaa.com, check the “Health and Wellness Discounts” for a potential offer from WW
  • Senior Discount: Organizations like AARP may offer senior citizens a WW discount, so check your account at aarp.org for specials like 50% off 3 months!
  • Military Discount: There is currently no advertised Weight Watchers discount specifically for military members. However, if you are a member of a military group such as USAA, check in the wellness area of their site for joining specials


No single diet is best for every person because everyone has their own unique lifestyle, personality, and weight loss goals. However, if you are looking for a popular and highly rated weight loss plan that offers the optional in-person support of others, then I recommend considering WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined).

If you do join, I hope you saved money using our exclusive coupons, promotional codes, and joining specials.

Not sold on Weight Watchers? We also have specials for joining other diets and wellness programs like Noom, Nutrisystem, and Byte Aligners. Thanks for stopping by Black Alliance!