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Noom Discount Codes Don’t Work + Best Coupon for Signup! • 2020

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I’ve been looking for a diet to help me lose the 15 or so pounds I gained during the quarantine. Looks like I’m not the only one as I recently heard a friend refer to this weight gain as “the Covid 19.” Pretty funny!

Anyway, speaking of friends, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m obsessed with coupons. It’s not that I’m cheap, per se, it’s just that every retail price is like a challenge to me. So, when someone recommended the Noom Coach app to me, I went to work researching the program, the cost, and how to stick it to The Man.

Skip the Codes! Here’s the Best Promotion:

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*No discount code needed to get this deal!

*Tip: The free 90-second evaluation ends with an offer for 14-days free!

How to Enter a Noom Discount Code

OK, I did their free evaluation and entered my email address. They sent me an email with a link to get started. After clicking it I entered my billing info. Oh, look! A place to enter a discount code!

Time to find a discount code and save some money!

enter noom discount code

I quickly went down the coupon rabbit hole and found that most of the big coupon sites claimed to have valid Noom discount codes. OK, I’ll try a few.

“Error: Invalid code.” Or, maybe not.

noom discount code invalid

Long story short, 10 minutes went by and not a single one of these supposed Noom discount codes worked!

Noom Discount Codes (On Coupon Sites) Aren’t Real!

This waste of time was both annoying and frustrating because obviously these codes clearly haven’t worked for a long time, and these coupon sites were just trying to get my clicks. As you can see, customer comments confirm that none of these codes work.

noom discount codes not work

I tried a number of discount codes that users on RetailMeNot and Groupon try dozens of times each day:

  1. 80% Off Noom Custom Plan: Use code CUSTOM80
  2. 20% Off Noom: Use code YTYxUkNMNERJOmNm
  3. 20% Off Noom: Use code YU5GUFpTSIBUOmNm

Nope. Next, I emailed Noom customer service and asked about these invalid discount codes, and the next morning they responded. All those shady 18-character discount codes you see posted on coupon sites are issued to specific customers and work for one use only.

Tip: Unless you are issued a discount code directly from Noom customer service, it’s probably not going to work!

Ok, so there are no real coupon codes for Noom, so how do I get a discount? Here’s where there is actually good news.

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Best Discount Code or Coupon for Noom in 2020?

If you simply go to and signup you will be asked to pay for 3 months up-front to get started. If there is no promotion going on you might also be asked to pay a starter fee of up to $20.

So, is there a discount code to reduce the price and to waive the starter fee?

No, you don’t need a code! However, if you start the free evaluation through the link below, you will get your first 14 days for free! Because Noom costs $43 per month that’s a savings of $20 plus they waive the starter fee.

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Tip: Don’t just go to to signup as you won’t get the best deal. Instead, go through this promotional link that they advertise on wellness blogs. The initial evaluation ends with an offer for 14 days free!

If you’ve already completed the questionnaire, try clicking the link, and see if you get the starter fee waived and the free trial offer:

noom discount code applied

If you still have an order balance, you might have to start over with the free evaluation. It’s OK, it only takes about 2 minutes. Plus, by going through that promotional link you’ll save $20+ so it’s worth it!

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In Summary…

If you do sign up for Noom, know that all those discount codes you see online probably don’t work. Looking for the cheapest way to join Noom? Then your best bet is to take advantage of the free trial promotion and you’ll save $20+. Thanks for visiting Black Alliance!