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Weight Watchers Cost? Monthly Pricing (New) • Nov. 2022

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Over the years Weight Watchers has established itself as the most popular and highest-rated commercial diet in America.

So, how much does Weight Watchers cost? That depends on how much support you need, which WeightWatchers membership you choose, and which promotion you sign up with. Here’s more about Weight Watchers membership plan pricing plus the cancellation fee.

1. Weight Watchers Cost Per Month:

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Weight Watchers now offers two membership options, Core and Premium. New accounts can sign up at a low promotional rate of up to 50% off the first 6 months plus no $20 starter fee.

Here’s how much Weight Watchers costs per month after the initial 1-6 month promotional rate ends:

  • Core: (WW Digital) $23 per month = $5.75/week, $276/year
  • Premium: (WW Digital + Workshops) $54.95 per month = $13.75/week, 659.40/year

All Weight Watchers memberships renew monthly at these prices after the initial 1-6 month promotion ends.

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Here is today’s best membership offer:

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1. Free cookbook. Save $98+ on 6 months WW Digital + option to add Workshops. View offer: Show Less

OK, so now you know how much each WeightWatchers subscription plan costs. Thinking of joining WW? Now it’s time to choose the promotion that will save you the most money.

Here’s how Weight Watchers’ promotional pricing works when you first signup.

2. Weight Watchers Promotional Pricing: First 1-6 Months:

WW (Weight Watchers) offers one featured promotion every week, plus one semi-exclusive promotion that they give to select affiliates to promote.

You can lock in the promotional rate for 1, 3, or 6 months. To see details of the savings, click on “Price breakdown” like this:

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As you can see, you will save more when you choose a longer membership. However, if you are not ready to make a longer commitment, then the 6-month savings plan may not be best for your needs.

The cheapest way to join Weight Watchers is with the 6-month savings plan which offers a promotional rate of up to a 60% discount! If you’d rather pay monthly with no commitment, you can choose the 1-Month (monthly billing) option at a higher price.

3. Weight Watchers Cancellation Fee:

If you join Weight Watchers with one of their 3 or 6-month Savings plans you should know about their cancellation fee.

“For multi-month Commitment Plans, an early termination fee applies if you cancel at any time prior to the end of the Commitment Plan period. Your cancellation will take effect at the end of the membership month in which you cancel.”


By signing up with a 3 or 6-month Digital Savings Plan you are expected to complete at least 2 or 5 months of the plan, respectively, or you will be charged a cancellation fee of $42.95.

You can learn more about canceling WW at weightwatchers.com/cancelation.

Final Thoughts on the Cost of Weight Watchers:

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As you can see, Weight Watchers memberships that include additional support, like Workshops and 1-on1 Coaching generally cost more than Digital alone. (The Weight Watchers Digital 360 plan is no longer available.)

If you are considering joining Weight Watchers, it’s important to imagine which of their plans fits best into your lifestyle. Those who are busy or prefer to go it alone might find that WeightWatchers Digital works best with their lifestyle.

Those who do better with support may want to invest in adding Workshops with a Premium membership to stay on track. You can also try Weight Watchers free for a month if you are afraid of commitment, although it’s not the best long-term savings.

All WW plans include Digital, so you’ll have web and app-based access to Weight Watchers tools to track your meals, feel your best, and stay inspired.

Total Cost of Being On Weight Watchers? Unlike diets that include meal delivery such as Nutrisystem, the cost of WW does not include any food. Because the total cost of following WW is almost entirely determined by what food you choose to buy, consider cooking at home when possible. It’s significantly cheaper than eating at restaurants!

If you do join Weight Watchers, good luck, and thanks for stopping by Black Alliance!