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Free Printable Weekly Food Journal: Log 6 Meals Per Day!

Need a free printable food journal? The cornerstone of popular diets like Noom, Nutrisystem, and WW (Weight Watchers) is logging your meals and snacks every day.

In fact, most experts, like Harvard Medical School, agree that keeping a food diary or journal can greatly increase your chances of meeting and maintaining your weight loss goals. Trusted sites like WebMD also recommend eating 6 meals per day for weight loss.

So, many people find it helpful to print a food journal or food diary and log their own meals each day and week.

For that reason, we offer this free printable weekly food journal below. Please feel free to print it out or link to this page to support our site!

Printable Food Journal / Diary

food journal
Click for printable version of food diary

*Tip: Try to log your food soon after each meal and snack for the most accurate and consistent tracking.

Few Diets Are Really Free!

When you join these diets like Nutrisystem, WW, and Noom you are asked to log your meals through their apps. However, these diets are not free (even though Noom has a free trial!) and the ones that include food can cost hundreds of dollars per month.

For that reason, we offer coupons for the following diets: WW, Nutrisystem, and Noom as well as for clear braces from Byte and Smile Direct Club.

Free Food Journal Template – Log a Week of Meals!

We hope that by printing this free food journal you can better keep track of your meals, snacks, calories, and water by logging them each day. While doing so, I think you’ll find that you’re more motivated to lose weight! Thanks for stopping by Black Alliance!