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7 TaxAct Coupons, Promo Codes (20% Discount!) • 2022

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TaxAct download codes and deals: TaxAct calls itself, “the best deal in taxes” and takes pride in being cheaper than TurboTax and H&R Block.

Best known for their free version, they also offer a suite of software editions for more complex taxes including Basic, Deluxe , Premier, Professional, and Self-Employed.

Get the best price on online products when you use one of these coupons and promo codes for up to a 10-20% discount on TaxAct! You can also save with their Military and student discount and get a $20 bonus when you refer a friend.

TaxAct: Coupons | Best Deal? | Professional Discount | How to use Codes | $20 Referal Bonus | Student Discount | Military Discount

Best TaxAct Promo Codes, Coupons for 2022:

coupon taxact
TaxAct Download
3. Includes State return fee! Download TaxAct: Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or...Show More
3. Includes State return fee! Download TaxAct: Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Self-Employed Show Less
coupon taxact
Self-Employed: 20% Off
4. $64.95 $51.95 - TaxAct Self-Employed Online is best for...Show More
4. $64.95 $51.95 - TaxAct Self-Employed Online is best for freelancers, contractors, and small business owners. View discount pricing at Show Less
coupon taxact
Premier: 20% Off
5. $44.95 $29.95 - TaxAct Premier Online is best for Investments...Show More
5. $44.95 $29.95 - TaxAct Premier Online is best for Investments, rental property, and premium support. View discount price and details at Show Less
coupon taxact
Deluxe: 20% Off
6. $24.95 $19.95 - TaxAct Deluxe Online is best for homeowners...Show More
6. $24.95 $19.95 - TaxAct Deluxe Online is best for homeowners, deductions, credits and adjustments. View discount price at Show Less
coupon taxact
FREE Edition
6. TaxAct Free edition is best for filers with simple taxes and students...Show More
6. TaxAct Free edition is best for filers with simple taxes and students. Do you qualify for Free? Visit Show Less
coupon taxact
Refer a Friend: Get $20
7. $20 Amazon gift card. Do you have a friend or family member who might...Show More
7. $20 Amazon gift card. Do you have a friend or family member who might use TaxAct? Send them an email for 20% off and get a $20 Amazon gift card if they file. Learn more: Show Less
coupon taxact
TaxAct Professional
7. 1040 Bundle or Complete Bundle. Click to apply discount & learn more at...Show More
7. 1040 Bundle or Complete Bundle. Click to apply discount & learn more at Show Less

How to Get the Best Deal on TaxAct:

taxact coupon applied

If you are using TaxAct to file your taxes, don’t just go to if you want the best price on their online products! Follow these steps for the biggest savings on TaxAct:

  1. File early if possible, as the cost of online products and state fees are less before March 15th
  2. Skip the promo codes on coupon sites as they don’t work
  3. Use their featured promotion for up to 20% off online products
  4. Choose the best TaxAct edition for your needs
  5. Skip Xpert Help as it adds $70+ to the cost
  6. You can refer a friend to TaxAct for a $20 Amazon gift card

Tip: If you filed your taxes with TaxAct last year you may also receive an email offer with a special price to pre-order TaxAct before Jan. 1st

How To Use a TaxAct Coupon (No Promo Code Needed!)

TaxAct prides itself on being less expensive than tax Goliaths like Turbo Tax and H&R Block, who spend millions advertising their “supposedly free” software. Even though TaxAct isn’t free for most customers, you can get up to an extra 20% off when you use a coupon. Here are two ways to get a discount on your order at

  1. Instant coupons: No need to copy a coupon code, as discount pricing is applied when you click a promotional link or banner. After doing so, you should see the retail price crossed out and the coupon applied like this:
  2. Use a Promo Code: TaxAct no longer requires promo codes for their discounts unless you were issued a code directly from customer support. So, don’t bother visiting coupon sites as the codes don’t work or are unnecessary!

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Where do you enter a TaxAct promo code? TaxAct no longer distributes promo codes as discounts are now applied when you click on a promotional link or banner and visit their site. They no longer even provide a “promo code” field at checkout, so don’t bother searching for codes!

Although the featured discount is best for most people, you may be able to get a TaxAct discount in other ways. Here are a few:

TaxAct Professional Discount

There is a discount available for TaxAct Professional Edition for tax preparers early in the tax season. In fact, tax professionals can demo the full-featured Professional Edition 1040 Bundle or Complete Bundle for free before buying.

Just click this featured link for CPAs, accounting firms, and tax professionals to see today’s best deal.

taxact professional discount

Refer a Friend to TaxAct, Get $20 Amazon Gift Card!

This year TaxAct has a special promotion: refer a friend, and they’ll send you a $20 eGift card for Amazon. Here’s how it works:

taxact amazon bonus

You can learn more and refer a friend now at:

TaxAct Military Discount:

Active duty members of the U.S. military can now file their taxes free with TaxAct. To get the military discount just file as “active duty military” and enter an eligible Employer ID number during filing.

TaxAct Student Discount:

TaxAct does not offer a specific discount for college students. However, if you have simple taxes you can file free. The current 20% discount on Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed is also available to both college students and students of life.

Tip: Most students qualify for the American Opportunity Credit for up to a $2000 tax deduction (more) through TaxAct.

If TaxAct does offer a specific discount just for students, Black Alliance will post it here!

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More Tax Software Promotion Codes and Deals?

Not sold on TaxAct?

No problem! We have an exclusive discount from TurboTax for up to a 20% discount, as well as up to 20% off H&R Block and Quickbooks software (download or online).

In any case, good luck with your taxes this year!