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South Beach Diet Cost | Best Price Per Month? • 2021

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The South Beach Diet isn’t cheap, as it includes most of the food you’ll be eating each month. So, exactly how much does it cost?

That depends on a few things like which promotion you join with, how much food variety you want, and how you choose to pay at signup.

Cost: The South Beach Diet has 3 auto-delivery plan options costing $8.75-10 per day ($245-277 per month) plus tax with the current 30% off promotion. Get the best price when you pay for your first 2 months upfront and use a discount code for free food.

Here’s what you need to know about the cost of The South Beach Diet before signing up. Here’s how much The South Beach Diet costs per day, week, and year with their best current 30% off promotion.

South Beach Diet: Cost | Best Price | Reboot Kit | Cancellation Fee | Total Cost

1. South Beach Diet Cost:

Don’t just go to without clicking on a good promotion or you’ll pay a higher monthly rate! Here’s the pricing for South Beach Diet plans with their 30% off sale applied and paying for the first 2 months upfront: (Updated 6/28/21)

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  • SILVER Plan: $8.75/day, $56.54/week, $244.99 per month
  • GOLD Plan: (Popular) $9.62/day, $58.58/week, $269.49/month
  • PLATINUM Plan: $9.89/day, $63.79/week, $276.92/month

Price per year? If you stay with the popular South Beach Diet Gold Plan for a year, your 12 monthly payments will total $3233.88

South Beach Diet Men‘s plans cost about $1 per day more than women’s plans as they include an extra daily snack.

These prices sound expensive, but consider that the South Beach Diet food included represents most of your monthly food budget. Depending on what you are already spending at restaurants or on takeout, this expense may actually be less than you are already spending each month on food!

Here’s how to lock-in the best monthly price:

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2. How to Get the Best Price Per Month

After adding a plan to your cart, click to begin the checkout process. To get the lowest monthly price, select Pay for 2 Months Now under 3. My Planlike this:

get south beach diet best price

As you can see, choosing to pay for the first two months upfront will save you over $1 per day, or about $30+ per month!

For me, choosing to pay for 2 months is a no-brainer as it’s the same initial 2-month commitment as monthly auto-delivery anyway!

Tip: Use a discount code at checkout to save up to $25 extra, and get free food!

3. Reboot Kit: $99

south beach diet reboot pricing

Want to try out the South Beach Diet for 1 week? They also offer a 1-Week Body Reboot Kit for $99 plus free shipping.

4. South Beach Diet Cancellation Fee

If you quit The South Beach Diet auto-delivery before paying for your second shipment, you will have to pay a $70 cancellation fee. However, you may cancel anytime after the second shipment with no obligations or fees.

You can cancel auto-delivery any time before 6 pm EST on the day before your order is scheduled to be processed by calling customer service at 1-888-841-2620.

5. Total Cost Per Month or Year? Add the Expense of Supplemental Food

The South Beach Diet includes most of the food that you’ll eat each month, but not all. Each week there are a couple of do-it-yourself meals that you’ll cook or buy on your own.

The purpose of the extra food is to add variety to your menu and encourage more fresh fruits and vegetables. However, you’ll want to account for this additional expense if you are budgeting a food cost for the month.

Tip: A good rule of thumb is to assume meals out cost $10 each, and those that you cook at home cost $5+ per serving.

So, you can estimate the total monthly cost of being on the South Beach Diet by adding the cost of the Gold Plan ($255) plus additional food spending ($200+) to get a total expense of $455-600+ per month.

If you are used to drinking a couple of glasses of wine or Lattes each day, The South Beach Diet will encourage you to not to. So, there’s a potential cost-savings!



If you are thinking of joining the South Beach Diet, you’ll want to know the cheapest way to sign up. Here’s a quick recap:

south beach diet featured sale30
  1. Choose the current 30% off sale
  2. Choose to pay for 2 months upfront
  3. Use discount codes at checkout

If you do sign up, follow those three steps for the cheapest way to join The South Beach Diet!