ProLon Discount Codes, Coupons, 2021 Sale (Fasting Mimicking Diet)

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No doubt you’ve heard that intermittent fasting has replaced keto as the buzziest diet around. However, attempting intermittent fasting can be a bit of a challenge unless you have a plan in place, and that’s where ProLon comes in.

“Ready, set, reset!” ProLon is a 5-Day fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) based on 20+ years of research, that seeks to replicate the benefits of fasting without starving your body of nutrition. ProLon promotes rejuvenating changes, weight loss, metabolic balance, and increased energy.

You may have even heard celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow talking about it, but ProLon is not cheap! If you are going to try the diet, I highly recommend that you use a coupon to get the best price possible. Here are the best ProLon coupon codes now including their best promotion for the U.S. and Canada.

ProLon: Best Coupons | Using a Code

Best ProLon Coupon Codes, Deals Now:

prolon fmd coupon
coupon prolon
Prolon: 15% Off+
2. 15% off Prolon + Extra $25 off any subscription. Get discount code:Show More
2. 15% off Prolon + Extra $25 off any subscription. Get discount code: Show Less
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Prolon: 10% Off
2. Get 10% off any new purchase at Get promo code:Show More
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Using a ProLon Coupon Code:

If you are a U.S. or Canadian shipping address, here’s how and where to use a discount code for ProLon:

  1. Add any ProLon product to your shopping cart
  2. Click the shopping cart icon
  3. Enter the code where it says, Have a discount code? like this:
enter prolon discount code

If your code is accepted, you’ll go to a payment screen that itemizes the details of your discount code like this:

prolon discount code applied

Tip: Most discount codes give you up to an extra 15% off on top of the sale pricing. You can lock-in this discount pricing with their subscription options or 3-month bundle to get an extra $25 off and free bars!

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So, how do you get the best deal on ProLon?

Best ProLon Coupon or Discount Code to Look For?

As we mentioned, ProLon may be exciting and effective, but it’s not cheap. For that reason you’ll want to make sure you save as much money as possible when you sign up, because many discount codes don’t work for existing customers.

prolon black friday sale

The 3 best ProLong coupon codes are:

  1. Holiday promotions: ProLon coupon codes may be released during holiday promotions like Black Friday/Cyber Monday or July 4th for $25-50 off and free bars
  2. Subscription Discounts: If you sign up for a subscription to ProLon, you’ll get a better price and still be able to use a coupon code for a 10-15% discount
  3. Coupon codes via email: By browsing on you will probably get a popup window asking for your email address. Enter it, and they will send you a discount code for 10% off
prolon diet 25 coupon

*How much Does Noom Cost?

prolon coupon code 10

While most people buy one box at a time, you can choose to subscribe and receive one box every 1-3 months at a lower price. You can also choose to buy 3 boxes at once for a lower “bundle” price. All promotions should include free shipping, so make sure you don’t ever pay for delivery!

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The idea of intermittent fasting to aid in weight loss has become more and more popular over the years, and ProLon has become one of the top names in the diet industry in the U.S. and Canada.

However, ProLon isn’t cheap! Be sure to get the best deal when you sign up, because coupon codes only work on your first order.

While it may seem like the trendy ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is similar to intermittent fasting, it’s actually quite different. To learn more about ProLon fasting mimicking diet (FMD), visit

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