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candid cost

Candid Pricing? Aligners Total Cost + $75 Promo Code! • 2021

Candid ( is one of the most popular clear aligner treatments for straighter teeth, costing much less than traditional braces or InvisAlign. So, exactly how much does Candid cost?

That depends on whether you choose to pay all at once in one payment or finance with a payment plan. To save money you can use this $75 promo code, plus your dental insurance may also reimburse you for part of the cost. read more

noom complaints

#1 Noom Complaint? (In BBB Reviews) Cancellation Policy!

Noom has taken the diet and wellness industry by storm in recent years. Their focus on coaching and behavioral psychology has been a huge success in promoting long-term weight loss and has caused brands like WW (50% off) to change their approach just to keep up.

However, not everyone is happy with their Noom experience. In fact, if you read through Noom reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website at you’ll see that Noom has a surprisingly low 2.93/5 customer rating. read more

delta dental smile direct

Does DELTA Dental Insurance Cover Smile Direct Club, Byte?

delta dental logo

Delta Dental is the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance serving nearly 80 million Americans in all 50 states. So, if you thinking of buying at-home clear aligners advertised online by popular brands like Smile Direct Club (coupon), Byte (coupons), and Candid, you’ll want to know if your Delta Dental insurance will cover or reimburse you for the cost. read more

Nutrisystem Cake Mug Mixes (5 FREE w/ Promo Code!)

nutrisystem mug cake mix

Free mug cake mixes from Nutrisystem: If you’re a woman or man thinking of joining Nutrisystem, be sure to use as many coupon codes as possible at checkout for the best price, and free food!

One of the freebies often available is these cake mug mixes. It’s a fun way to make a little “mug cake” and really simple. Just add two tablespoons of water to the mix in a mug and microwave for 45 seconds, and viola: cake mug! read more

Nutrisystem Coupon: 5 FREE Cookie Packs (w/ Promo Code)

nutrisystem cookies chocolate chip

Free Nutrisystem cookie packs! Yes, it’s true, but you have to make a purchase at In fact, you can get several freebies including a free shaker bottle when you sign up for any plan.

Here’s more the Nutrisystem cookie packs, and how to get them for free:

Nutrisystem Cookie Packs: (Chocolate Chip, More)

What could be better than guilt-free cookies? Why, getting them for free, of course! read more

Nutrisystem Shaker Bottle: FREE w/ Promo Code!

nutrisystem shaker bottle

Free Nutrisystem shaker bottle: Did you know that you can stack several promo codes when you sign up at It’s true, and one of the popular promo codes is for a free shaker bottle. We review the shaker bottle and have a code to get one free. Check it out:

Wow, just look at that sweet shaker bottle. Plus, unlike Nyan Cat, you know it’s real because of that sticker that says, “Genuine” on the side! read more

ww versus noom

Noom vs WW: Which Diet is Better? (6-Round Battle!) • 2021

Weight Watchers has been a heavyweight (or, maybe “lightweight?”) champion in the commercial diet space since the 1960’s. However, all champions must defend their title from hungry challengers looking to make a name for themselves.

While WW has fought off most of these adversaries to retain their “Best Weight Loss” title, a young contender, Noom, now threatens to end the seasoned champion’s reign. read more

costco nutrisystem

Costco: Nutrisystem Gift Cards on Sale ($20+ Off!) • 2021

Did you know that Costco (and sells Nutrisystem gift cards at a big discount? It’s true!

Costco members can buy $100 Nutrisystem gift cards for $79 every day, and get up to an extra $20 discount on each when they go on sale! If you’re thinking of joining Nutrisystem, this is a great way to save big money. You can even use a promo code to save even more when you sign up at Here’s how it works: read more