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TurboTax Premier Cost in 2021 (Best Price Online!)

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If you have investments or own a rental property, then Premier might be the best edition of TurboTax® for your tax situation. So, exactly how much does TurboTax Premier cost, and what discounts are available to get the best price? Here’s what you should know about the price of Premier.

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TurboTax Premier Pricing 2021:

You’ve seen the commercials, but exactly how much does Premier really cost? Here’s the current pricing for TurboTax Premier Online:

turbotax premier pricing
  • TurboTax Premier: $90 ($80 w/ coupon)
  • TurboTax Premier LIVE: $200 ($185 w/ coupon)

*All TurboTax returns must also pay a state filing fee of $50 per state

  1. WHEN you e-file: File early in the tax season for the best price on TurboTax online products including Premier. After March 15th the cost goes up about $10!
  2. Whether you add LIVE: If you want extra guidance and have questions consider upgrading to Premier LIVE for an extra $80
  3. Get a discount! We have an exclusive coupon that drops the price of Premier an extra $10. You can click here to apply discount

You can view today’s discount price for Premier on the TurboTax website here. So, is it worth paying extra for Premier LIVE? Here’s exactly how the LIVE version works:

What Is the Premier LIVE Edition?

TurboTax Premier includes assistance and guidance from a live tax professional. Just click, “live help” at any time and you’ll be connected to a (real human!) tax pro who can answer questions and even review your entire tax return before you submit it to the IRS.

Premier LIVE is like having access to a CPA on your computer screen! Of course, Premier LIVE costs more but the added benefits could be well worth the extra expense.

TurboTax Premier: How to Get the Best Price!

Premier specializes in finding deductions to lower your tax bill, and we can help you save money when you buy Premier online. Here TurboTax Premier: are 3 ways to get a discount on TurboTax Premier:

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  1. File early: Don’t procrastinate as the price of TurboTax online products are higher if you file after March 15th
  2. Use a coupon! Clicking through an exclusive promotional link or banner through one of TurboTax’s affiliates will apply lower, discount pricing at TurboTax.Intuit.com
  3. Buy online: TurboTax online pricing is usually lower than in stores (unless you like getting a shiny DVD!?)

These potential discounts are great, but you might even qualify to get the Premier Edition at no cost. Here’s how:

Can You Get TurboTax Premier for Free?

TurboTax Premier isn’t free to the public, but some people qualify to get it at no cost. Here are two ways:

  1. Military: Active members of the U.S. military can file their taxes free with TurboTax Premier (learn more)
  2. Financial institutions like Fidelity and Chase may offer preferred clients TurboTax Premier for free

Is TurboTax Premier Worth the Money?

If you don’t have investment or rental property income, you may be able to file with their cheaper, highly-rated Deluxe Edition.

However, while it may be unpleasant to pay a total of over $100 to file your taxes with Premier, consider that the average cost to have an accountant file them is now about $275 for itemized tax returns.

So, if you use Premier to prepare and file your taxes, you’ll probably save a lot of money.

TurboTax Premier’s price tag may seem daunting, but consider that a single missed deduction can cost you hundreds of dollars. For this reason, be sure that you are getting the right software for your tax situation, even if it means paying a bit more with premium software from a top name like TurboTax or H&R Block.

TurboTax Premier Reviews:

It’s a good idea to read both good and bad reviews for Premier before buying it. The best place to do so is on the TurboTax website where thousands of verified customers post their honest reviews.

If you aren’t sure whether to buy the highly-rated but more expensive LIVE version of Premier, these customer reviews can help you decide.

turbotax premier reviews

You can easily sort thousands of reviews by top-rated, lowest rated, and newest. This helps you quickly find helpful tips about using Premier, as well as learning what customers complain about most.

Here are the 7 best features of Premier:

  1. Auto-Import Investment Info: TurboTax Premier can quickly import investment info from your bank or financial institution
  2. Deduction Search: Premier searches over 400 potential tax deductions to make sure you don’t overpay a dollar more than you owe
  3. Accurate reporting: Premier helps you report sales of investments like stocks and bonds, and quickly calculates capital gains or losses
  4. Find your cost basis: Premier makes it simple to find the purchase price for any stocks, bonds, or other investments that you’ve sold
  5. Refinancing deductions: If you refinanced, Premier walks you through deducting refinance expenses like points and appraisal fees
  6. Rental Income: Report income from your rental properties and determine fair market rent value
  7. Personal Assistance: Your Premier specialist can provide custom answers to your tax questions including SmartLook™, which lets them draw on your screen

Tip: As you can see Premier is best for taxpayers who have investment income or rental properties. If you have a small business, consider TurboTax Self-Employed instead


If you have sold investments or have rental property income, Premier is probably the best edition of TurboTax for your needs. If you are unsure, you can compare all TurboTax editions on their website, so that you make sure you get the appropriate one.

Remember, to get the best price on TurboTax Premier, file before March 15th and use our exclusive discount.

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