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Nutrisystem Cost Per Month, Week, Meal (New) • Nov. 2022

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Signing up for a monthly meal-delivery diet like Nutrisystem is a big leap. That’s because, at about $300 per month, each delivery is going to be one of the bigger recurring charges on your credit card. If you are thinking of joining Nutrisystem you might know that they often run more than one promotion at a time.

So, how do you join at the best possible price? There are a few steps to getting the best possible price including choosing the 50% off sale, paying for 2-3 months upfront, and stacking coupon codes at checkout.

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Here’s how much Nutrisystem costs per meal, day, week, month, and year, plus how to save with coupons:

Nutrisystem Cost: Women | Men | Advantage | Best Price | Discount Codes

1. Nutrisystem Plans Pricing in 2022

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Nutrisystem has 3 plan options for women and men: Basic, Uniquely Yours, and Ultimate. Here is the current pricing when you unlock the 50% off sale and pay for two months upfront: show me (Updated for 2022)

• Nutrisystem for WOMEN Cost:

  1. BASIC: $9.08/day, $58.70/week, $254.35/month
  2. UNIQUELY YOURS: $11.04/day, $71.33/week, $309.08/month
  3. UNIQUELY YOURS max+: $12.34/day, $79.72/week, $345.45/month
  4. ADVANTAGE: $29.98/month (30-day free trial!)

• Nutrisystem for MEN Cost:

  1. BASIC: $10.58/day, $71.33/week, $309.08/month
  2. UNIQUELY YOURS: $12.17/day, $78.67/week, $340.90/month
  3. UNIQUELY YOURS max+: $13.31/day, $86.01/week, $372.72/month
  4. ADVANTAGE: $29.98/month (30-day free trial)

That means Nutrisystem costs an average of $3 per meal, plus about $1 per snack.

Price per year? With the current 50% off promotion, the Uniquely Yours Plan for women costs $3960 for a full 12 months. That sounds expensive but it might be a lot less than you’re already spending on food!

2. Save More by Paying for 2-3 Months at Signup!

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Why should pay for 2 months upfront? While Nutrisystem advertises 50% off in their banners and commercials, you don’t really get the full 50% off unless you choose to pay for 2 months in your first payment.

You’ll find the option to do so under, 3. My Delivery just after you choose a plan. Here’s what it looks like:

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Just click, “Unlock Offer” and you’ll see several payment options including the option to pay for 2 or 3 months at signup like this:

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If you don’t mind getting a big initial charge on your credit card, it makes a lot of financial sense to choose to pay for 2-3 months upfront.

Tip: Choosing “Pay for 3 months now” results in the lowest price per month, saving you about an extra $2 per day ($50+ per month) over regular auto-delivery!

The next way to reduce the cost of Nutrisystem is to use promo codes.

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3. Use Discount Code(s) for Savings + Free Food!

Those “$50-100” codes usually don’t work on top of the discount from the 50% promotion. However, the codes for $10-25 off and free food usually do. The best part is that you can use more than one on your first order, so don’t be shy!

Check out how I was able to use 3 codes at once when signing up for Nutrisystem’s Uniquely Yours Plan!

nutrisystem 3 promo codes

Pretty crazy, right?

You can see today’s best promo codes here!

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4. Consider the Nutrisytem Advantage Plan:

If you’d rather buy Nutrisystem food a la carte, consider their less expensive Advantage membership. Here’s how it works:

nutrisystem advantage a la carte sale

5. Total Cost of Nutrisystem? Meal Delivery + Supplemental Food, Flex Meals

Remember that you’ll have to buy some groceries to supplement the food that Nutrisystem sends you. What you spend on food is mostly a personal decision, but you’ll want to factor those weekly DIY “Flex Meals” and fresh fruits and vegetables into your monthly food budget!

While the cost of extra food will differ based on what you choose to buy, it can easily add an extra $5-10+ per day on average.

For example, adding the monthly cost of the Uniquely Yours Plan ($300) plus $300 in supplemental food means that the cost of being on Nutrisystem adds up to $600+ per month.

Tip: Did you know that eating out at a restaurant can cost five times more than cooking your own meals? To keep your total food costs down, limit your dining out!

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As you can see, there are a few ways to lower the monthly cost of Nutrisystem, so you shouldn’t just go directly to to join.

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To summarize, you can get the lowest Nutrisystem cost per month if you:

  1. Join with the 50% off sale
  2. Choose to pay for 3 months upfront
  3. Skip extra bars and shakes
  4. Use 2+ promo codes at checkout

Tip: Are you a Costco member? If so, learn about their discount Nutrisystem gift cards for $75 or less that you can use when you join.

That’s it! I hope you not only learned how much Nutrisystem costs, but also how to get the best possible price at signup and on your monthly rate. Thanks for visiting Black Alliance!