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Noom 14-Day FREE Trial Offer! (No Free Version?) • 2022

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Noom is a hot wellness app that has changed the entire diet industry. In fact, you probably don’t even hear the word, “diet” much anymore because of the wellness revolution that Noom helped to start.

That’s because the Noom diet plan was designed by behavioral psychologists to promote positive behavioral change and healthy habits that promote long-term weight loss. Noom isn’t free, but If you’re thinking of joining you can try the full-featured version of the app free for 14 days with no code needed!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Noom free trial.

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1. How the Noom Free Trial Works in 2022:

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Follow these steps to start a 14-day free trial of Noom now:

  1. First, click their featured promotion
  2. Complete the 90-second free evaluation on
  3. Enter your email address and click “see my result”
  4. A “personalized course” will be created for you
  5. Click “claim my plan
  6. Answer several more questions
  7. You’ll be shown a 3-month plan along with with a free 14-day trial
  8. Enter your address and credit card info
  9. The app-based free trial begins immediately.
  10. If you try Noom don’t want to proceed, cancel before the 14th day or you will be billed for 3-4 months!

*NEW for 2022: You can also try the “Noom Mood” app free for 14-days for more joy and less stress! 🦋

2. Noom “Mood” Free Trial: “More Joy Less Stress”

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Noom Mood uses the same psychology-based, educational approach as their weight loss program. Mood helps you identify the causes of anxiety and stress and tackles them with simple daily lessons and techniques to improve your mood and mental health.

While Noom Mood encourages you to, “Start reducing anxious thoughts and stress today,” it’s hard to find info on the actual cost. (And that can be stressful!) Learn more and get started now with a 14-day free trial of Mood now!

3. Free Version of the Noom App?

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Is there a free or lite version of the Noom app? No, there is no free version or alternative that makes the app free because personal coaching (from real humans!) is critical to the success of the program. In fact, Noom employs hundreds of personal coaches at great expense, so giving the app away for free isn’t possible. The closest thing Noom offers to a free version free trial for up to 30 days.

Noom free trial not free? The first 14-days of Noom is free, but if you don’t plan to stick with it, cancel 24 hours before the trial ends or you’ll be billed $129 for the first 3 months. Most Noom complaints are related to this policy!

4. How to Cancel a Free Trial of Noom:

OK, so Noom isn’t for you? No problem!

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Here’s how to cancel your Noom membership:

  1. Log in to the Noom app or online support portal
  2. Select Coach Messages
  3. Send your coach a message saying, Cancel, Please!”
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Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to cancel your free trial! If your coach doesn’t get the message immediately, you might be billed. I recommend that people cancel the free trial at least 24 hours before it ends!

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Is the Noom Free Trial For You?

OK, I hope you better understand the Noom free trial, including how to get started and how it works. The free trial period is a great way to decide whether Noom fits your lifestyle and weight loss goals without paying, and you don’t even need a code.

If you do consider the Noom free trial, be sure to start when the timing works well for your schedule. If you are traveling or have plans that interfere with you giving the Noom program your full attention, I suggest you wait to begin the 2-week long free trial.

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