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Noom: No More Free Version, Try the 14-Day Free Trial! – 2020

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Try Noom Free -Noom is a hot wellness app that has changed the entire diet industry. In fact, you probably don’t even hear the word, “diet” much anymore because of the wellness revolution that Noom helped to start.

That’s because Noom was designed by behavioral psychologists who believe that much of weight loss is psychological. Sure, there are cleanses and diets that promise you can lose 10+ pounds quickly, but what’s your long-term plan, girlfriend? The data says you’re going to gain that weight back!

Well, Noom has a plan, and creates long-term weight loss results through behavioral change, and not by restricting your diet. The best part is that it only costs about $1 per day, and you can try it free for 2 weeks with the coupon below.

Curious? You can try Noom out with their 14-day free trial below. Want to know how the Noom free trial works, if there’s a free version, and how to quit? Keep on reading!

Click here to Start the Noom Free Trial!

How the Noom Free Trial Works (A Little Confusing?)

Some blogs and websites, like Black Alliance, have been given a special link to promote Noom. In fact, if you start from the homepage at, you won’t get access to the free trial.

First, click this exclusive link. Then it all starts with a free 60-second assessment of your unique situation and then ends with a free trial offer.

Tip: The free trial offer can be a little confusing, as there’s no mention of a free trial until after you finish the free assessment!

Here’s how starting the Noom Free Trial works:

1. Noom’s Free 60-Second Assessment:

noom free assessment
One of the questions from Noom’s free assessment

It all begins with some questions to help Noom understand you better. Most of these are questions you’d expect about your height, age, and weight.

However, there are some unexpected ones, too, including questions about your wellness priorities, health history, and the environment in which you live. (City, suburbs, etc.) As Noom says, “your environment plays a major role in your ability to lose weight.”

Ok, that makes sense! Noom really tries to emphasize that weight loss is not one-size-fits all, and there’s a lot of personalization in the program.

Anyway, after the questionnaire, you’ll be asked to enter your email address.

2. Enter Your Email Address:

Enter your email address and then click, “See My Result” to view the Noom’s initial plan of action for you:

noom action plan free

If you want to see more (or view the free trial offer) you have to enter your email address.

noom free enter email

After doing so, you’ll be mailed a link to the free trial.

3. Get Free Trial Offer Via Email (No Promo Code):

Check your inbox after a minute, and you should have an email from containing a link to the free trial like this:

how start noom free trial

Click that big, “Try for Free” button. (You won’t need a code!)

You can then view the billing details. As you can see, it starts with a 14-day free trial offer:

noom free trial 14days

Tip: Relax, as the 15-minute countdown doesn’t really matter. I checked the next day and the link to the personalized plan and free trial offer still worked!

4. How Billing Works: (2020)

Noom outlines the details of the free trial offer as well as how you will be billed after the end of the free trial period. You can read the terms under the credit card section like this:

noom billing

Just enter billing info and click that big “Submit” button to get started with your free trial!

Tip: Make sure you start the Noom free trial when the timing works well for your schedule. If you are traveling or have plans that interfere with you giving the Noom program your full attention, I suggest you wait to begin the 2-week long free trial.

5. Start Your Free Trial of Noom! (Not Free?)

Now you can immediately start the Free Trial! After your billing info is approved ou’ll receive clear instructions from Noom on how to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Just know that after the 14th day your credit card will automatically start being billed quarterly unless you cancel.

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Click here to Start Noom Free Trial!

Is Noom the best weight loss app for your needs? Hopefully after trying it out and kicking the tires during the 14-day free trial you’ll know the answer!

6. How to Cancel the Noom Free Trial

OK, so Noom isn’t for you? No problem!

To cancel your Noom membership just send a message to your coach that says, “Cancel.” To do so, just open chat like this:

noom free trial quit

Just type “Cancel” or “Please cancel my free trial” in the chat area. Your coach will then cancel your free trial as soon as they can.

Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute to cancel your free trial! If your coach doesn’t get the message immediately, you might be billed. I recommend that people cancel their free trial 24 hours before the end!

Free Version of the Noom App?

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Is there a free or lite version of the Noom app? No. The Noom program requires the incorporation of a human coach, and there is no free version. Noom seems to believe that without features such as coaching the program would be inferior, so a free version is no longer available. The closest thing Noom offers to a free version is the free trial!

Noom free trial not free? If you wait until the last few hours of your trial period to cancel, you may get billed $129 for the first 3 months. A lot of the online complaints about Noom are due to this!

However, Noom does pack a lot of features into their app which ends up costing only about $1 per day.

Enjoy the Free Trial of Noom! (Or Not?)

OK, that’s everything you need to know about how to get a free trial of the Noom Coach app. Even if the wellness app ultimately doesn’t fit your needs, I hope you at least learn that without paying for Noom!

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