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LegalZoom LLC Cost + State Fees (10% Coupon) • 2022

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Every year there are hundreds of thousands of new businesses in America, and the majority of these are either LLCs or S corporations.

Thinking of starting your own LLC? You probably know that forming an LLC (limited liability corporation) should protect you legally, plus there are also tax advantages as well. So, if you have a small business you might think of an LLC formation as an investment instead of an expense.

There are several good websites that can help you form an LLC or incorporate easily and inexpensively. LegalZoom is probably the most popular and well-known brand, but their actual pricing for LLC formation can only be found on this hidden page.

So, how much does an LLC cost at The cost depends on two things: which package you prefer, and which state you choose to form in. State fees for LLC formation can range from $0 to $500, so they are important to know when calculating the cost of a LegalZoom LLC.

Here’s what you should know about LegalZoom LLC cost.

LegalZoom LLC: Coupons | Cost | State Fees | How it Works

LegalZoom LLC Coupons:

Here are coupons to help you get the best deal when purchasing an LLC package from LegalZoom:

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Basic LLC: $79
1. LegalZoom Basic LLC only costs $79 + state fee. Click to learn more at...Show More
1. LegalZoom Basic LLC only costs $79 + state fee. Click to learn more at Show Less
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LegalZoom LLC: 10% Off
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Standard LLC: $10 Off
3. Discount on Standard or Express LLC. Click to get promo code and visit...Show More
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Promo codes for LegalZoom LLC formation can be hit or miss, so it’s a good idea to plan on trying more than one at checkout. If you’ve found a working code that you’d like to share with our readers, please leave it in a comment below!

LegalZoom LLC Cost:

To estimate how much it will cost you to form an LLC with LegalZoom, start with the price of the LegalZoom LLC package (Economy, Standard, or Express Gold) and then add the filing fee for your state:

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  • LLC Economy: $79 + state filing fee*
  • LLC Standard: $329 + state filing fee*
  • LLC Express Gold: $349 + state filing fee*

Learn more about what each LLC package includes at

Tip: With LegalZoom, you’ll pay more for faster LLC formation as their Economy LLC takes an estimated 20 days to complete while the Express Gold LLC only takes 2-5 days.

After choosing the best package for your needs, you’ll need to add the state filing fee to calculate the total cost of a LegalZoom LLC.

LegalZoom LLC State Filing Fees:

Most people choose to form their LLC in the state that they live in. Here’s the state LLC filing fee to estimate your total LegalZoom LLC cost:

  • Alabama: $206
  • Alaska $250
  • Arizona $85
  • Arkansas: $45
  • California: $0 (LLC fee waived through 2023)
  • Colorado: $1
  • Connecticut: $275
  • Delaware: $140
  • Florida: $155
  • Georgia: $100
  • Hawaii: $51
  • Idaho: $101
  • Illinois: $153
  • Indiana: $97.14
  • Iowa: $50
  • Kansas: $166
  • Kentucky: $40
  • Louisiana: $100
  • Maine: $175
  • Maryland: $197
  • Massachusetts: $500
  • Michigan: $50
  • Minnesota: $155
  • Mississippi: $50
  • Missouri: $50
  • Montana: $70
  • Nebraska: $112
  • Nevada: $425
  • New Hampshire: $100
  • New Jersey: $128.50
  • New Mexico: $50
  • New York: $210
  • North Carolina: $125
  • North Dakota: $135
  • Ohio: $99
  • Oklahoma: $100
  • Oregon: $100
  • Pennsylvania: $160
  • Rhode Island: $156
  • South Carolina: $144.75
  • South Dakota: $150
  • Tennessee: $300
  • Texas: $301
  • Utah: $54
  • Vermont: $125
  • Virginia: $100
  • Washington: $200
  • Washington D.C.: $220
  • West Virginia: $115
  • Wisconsin: $130
  • Wyoming: $100

LegalZoom LLC cost Texas: For example, if you wish to form your LLC in Texas with the Standard LLC package, then the total cost would be $630 ($329 + $301) plus tax.

You state may also charge an annual fees for your LLC including the filing of your annual report. This is not billed through LegalZoom, so I recommend checking with your state for a business fee schedule to avoid being surprised by unexpected costs.

What the Price of a LegalZoom LLC Includes:

OK, so you now know the cost of forming an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) with LegalZoom. Here’s how the process works on and what you get for your money.

*You can see a list of the features included in each LLC package at

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LLC Formation Worth It? The Peace of Mind Can Be Priceless!

The main reason that small business owners and entrepreneurs choose to form an LLC is to protect their personal assets from business-related liabilities or lawsuits. So, regardless of the cost of an LLC from LegalZoom or another reputable brand, you might say that peace of mind is priceless.

Having said that, the cost of a LegalZoom LLC can vary significantly depending on which package you choose and which state you choose to form it in.

If you do start an LLC, good luck with your business! I hope we were able to clarify LegalZoom LLC pricing, and maybe even save you some money.