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Hello Fresh Healthcare / Nurses Discount! (Save $120+)

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If you are a doctor, nurse, or first responder you can get an exclusive discount on your first year of Hello Fresh through But, is this discount for healthcare workers the best deal today? Here’s how the HelloFresh healthcare discount works plus today’s best promotion.

Hello Fresh: Best Deal | Healthcare Discount | Best?

Today’s Best Hello Fresh Signup Deal:

First, here’s the best available discount or coupon for Hello Fresh, which could likely be an even better deal for both healthcare workers and the general public.

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16 Free Meals + Free Shipping!
1. Plus 3 free gifts! That's 53% off your 1st box (with free shipping!)...Show More
1. Plus 3 free gifts! That's 53% off your 1st box (with free shipping!), 40% off 2nd box, and 25% off 3-6th boxes! Click to view this promotion and apply promo code HELLOFRESH16: Show Less

That means depending on how many weekly meals you select you can save up to $241 through the first 6 boxes of this promotion. (You can pause your subscription at any time) Just click above to apply the code!

Now, let’s look at the special offer for healthcare workers, nurses, and first responders on

Hello Fresh Discount for Nurses & Healthcare Workers:

Are you a nurse or healthcare worker with a verified account at

If so, you can take advantage of myriad savings online including a special discount when you sign up for any Hello Fresh subscription.

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Here’s how to get the Hello Fresh healthcare discount:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. From the top menu select Lifestyle / Meal Delivery
  3. Scroll down and click on the Hello Fresh logo
  4. Click the healthcare worker discount
  5. Get 50% off your first box plus a 10% discount on every Hello Fresh box for up to one year
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HelloFresh: What’s the Best Discount for Healthcare Workers?

So, now that we’ve presented you with two great discounts, which is better for you?

That depends on how long you stay with Hello Fresh. Both promotions offer a 50%+ off the first box, but it’s the discount on subsequent boxes that will determine which is best for you.

  • The featured discount offers a tiered discount of 40-20% on your 2nd to 6th box
  • The healthcare discount includes a 10% discount on all boxes for up to one year

Example: if you are ordering 4 recipes for 2 people each week, the featured code will save you $164 on your first 6 boxes, while the healthcare discount only saves about $100!

This means the featured discount is better for your first 6 boxes, but the 10% healthcare discount lasts up to one year and is better if you keep your subscription for 12+ deliveries.

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The featured discount is great for your first 1-6 deliveries!

Hello Fresh: A “Good Buy” for Healthcare Workers?

If you are on your second cup of coffee, you might see the witty wordplay in that headline. (You know Hello and goodbye? Nevermind!)

Anyway, First responders, nurses, and other healthcare workers have been at the frontline of our battles during the pandemic. I know this has been incredibly hard, but I hope I’ve at least helped save you a few dollars if you signup for Hello Fresh.

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The bottom line is that if you plan on staying with Hello Fresh for more than 12 deliveries, then the healthcare discount is your best bet.

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